November 22, 2021
April 5, 2022


The French language is said to be a love language but unfortunately the least spoken among many people globally.  Aside from being internationally recognised, it is one of the most friendly, interesting, and easy languages to learn when made so. Unfortunately, many people are of the view that the language is difficult and complex to learn but in reality, it is not so. 

Learning French can be fun, easy, and interesting when the proper approaches and methods are adopted.  Here are some fun ways to learn French:

Watching French movies and cartoons:

Just as consistently watching English and Korean movies improve a person’s speaking of the language, so does it with French movies too. Learning French can be more fun when one consistently watches French movies or animations and listens to French music as well. This ignites one’s love and interest in the language. 

Making friends and engaging more with French natives:

Constant practice and speaking of French make it fun and easy to learn and understand. Having friends who are natives of the language gives you an opportunity to practice your speaking skills and improve upon it. One can also set aside a day within the week for French-speaking only among his/ her colleagues, friends, and family. 

Taking trips to francophone countries:

Taking trips to francophone countries whenever the opportunity presents itself is one sure way of having fun while learning French. Trips to countries like Togo, Ivory Coast, Benin, Mali, Senegal, Cameroon and France expose one to French culture and ignite their interest in the language.

Using language Apps:

Language Apps are easy to chance upon and it is one fun way to learn French. Language Apps give you the opportunity to learn and improve upon your vocabulary and expressions with ease and with more flexibility. It is convenient and portable hence giving you the chance to learn at any given opportunity or at every corner you find yourself.

Learning with SPiiKA videos:

SPiiKA has one of our objectives is to make French easy and fun to learn. Educative, interactive, and interesting videos are made available on our youtube channel to aid you in your learning. Learning French with SPiiKA videos improves your speaking skills and learning rate. 

French has been made fun of with SPiiKA so take the opportunity and enroll now.

Online language games:

Gamification is another fun way to learn French. Playing online language games makes French learning fun and interesting. It gives you the opportunity to constantly practice and learn the language while having fun too.

Keep a pocket notebook:

To enjoy learning French, make it a point to always keep a pocket notebook to record every new vocabulary or expression that you come across in your daily activities and at a convenient time, search for the meaning in order to improve upon your French vocabulary and expression.

Make a sentence with every new word or expression learned:

With your daily effort to learn the French language, try to construct a sentence with every new vocabulary or expression learnt. While at this, it improves your understanding of the language and your fluency.

Change your phone’s language to French

Changing the language of your phone to French gives you the opportunity to practice and improve upon your learning skill. It makes you more conversant with the language since you use your phone on a daily basis