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October 28, 2022

“Kofi wo ho te sɛn?”

Kofi looks back at you like an alien, then his mother interrupts with a voice that is half proud “Kofi doesn’t speak Twi oo, he only speaks English”. Oh really? Why?

I have witnessed this kind of situation with increasing and alarming regularity lately. Kofi was born here and is attending school here, why can’t he speak Twi or Ewe or Ga or anything Ghanaian then, how did we get here?
There is no good reason why kids born and raised here should be complete illiterates in their own mother tongues. The great news is that, we at SPiiKA know what some of the underlying causes are and we are prepared to do something about it.

If this issue is something you are concerned about too, let’s connect and start taking steps to change the narrative.